Running Android Apps on your Windows 10 PC

Why would you want to do this? Well, I wanted to view some of my apps, specifically some camera monitoring apps on my PC monitor.

I ended up testing some and started using Nox which specializes in running android games.

You can download it here:

It will let you download whatever you want from the Google Play store using your own account and configure it however you want.

You can also auto-run apps by using “instances” of Nox by using the “Multi Drive” features. Just clone your original NoxPlayer, then open the app you want to launch. While the app is open, click the ellipse (…), then the shortcut icon, it will create a shortcut on your desktop. You don’t have to use instances, but if you don’t, you will find the same Nox session will load your auto-run app.

Now Nox is kinda bloated, but it can be un-bloated and optimized. Here is my post about Nox Usage, De-Bloating, and Optimization

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