Discovering Bitcoins

I’ve been hearing about Bitcoins for a few years now, and then just decided to check it out.  Read a few articles explaining what they were, how they were abused, sad stories of people losing their coins etc…

Then I decided to get a mining rig.  My first one was the AntMiner U3.  This thing took a while to figure out how to configure, but once I got it running, I started to connect to mining pools.

Decided to try some other crypto coins, so I downloaded some more wallets to see if I can mine solo.  Successfully and Unsuccessfully was able to mine on some of them solo.

Found a pool that uses NOMP (Node Open Mining Portal) which is an open source mining pool. It looked nice, although seems to be in beta, but I’m currently in the process of setting this up.

First thing I had to do was get some wallets compiled.  I’m running Ubuntu on an old Alienware X11 laptop that currently crashed while I was trying to upgrade to Windows 10, so decided to load Ubuntu on it.

So far I was able to compile the bitcoin-qt successfully thanks to this blog:

My most recent Crypto Coin is UniversalCurrency

Had some trouble compiling this, but was eventually able to get it going after googling some of the error messages.

Will be tackling a few more Crypto Coin compiles from source before I even begin to try to set up NOMP.

Now I have 5 Bitmain AntMiner U3’s running an average of 300 Gh’s.

This post is just a quick summary of what I’ve been doing the past month or so.  More to come later, or more details if anyone is curious.



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