NOMP Setup


cd ~/source
sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy
sudo apt-get install redis-tools
sudo apt-get install redis-server
git clone nomp
cd ~/source/nomp

Copied the nomp to my www folder and configured.
Folders that needed configuring:
Files that need configuring:

Well, I got this configured and I’m happy to say that all the alt coin wallets that I attempted to mine solo before, but got 100% rejects, are now working. Perhaps it is because of the startum protocol built into this mining pool.

I also got the profitability coin switching working, although I only enabled Cryptsy for the profit checking.

So far, I like this little piece of software, and great job developers. It does seem to still be in beta, but for now is functional for what I need to do. Which is solo mining alt coins.

If I have time, I’ll see if I can help out, but doesn’t seem likely with my schedule.

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