Using Upstart on Ubuntu for bitcoind

My bitcoind was always crashing after about 12 hours and I would restart it. I had a script that ran after a reboot, but that didn’t help to restart it after a crash. I tried Upstart scripts but they wouldn’t work at reboot, although I could start/stop them at will after configuration.

I found the answer here:

So this is what my /etc/init/bitcoind.conf looks like now.

description "bitcoind"

start on filesystem
stop on runlevel [!2345]
oom score -500
expect fork
respawn limit 10 60 # 10 times in 60 seconds

	# Don't change anything below here unless you know what you're doing
	[[ -e $pidfile && ! -d "/proc/$(cat $pidfile)" ]] && rm $pidfile
	[[ -e $pidfile && "$(cat /proc/$(cat $pidfile)/cmdline)" != $cmd* ]] && rm $pidfile
	exec start-stop-daemon --start -c $user --chdir $home --pidfile $pidfile -m --startas $cmd
end script

I have similar scripts for my other coins.

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