DCR (Decred) The New Crypto Currency

Decred which is traded as (DCR) on only a couple of CryptoCoin exchanges at the time of this post is very promising.

Promising in a way that it addresses Bitcoin’s current flaws and may be the next dominant CryptoCurrency. Such a bold claim to become Bitcoin 2.0, but this coin and the community has what it takes.

Want technical details? Go here: https://www.decred.org/

There is still a lot to do, and a long way to go, but they have a solid plan and a Decred Constitution.

I was amazed when I read this, as they have clear direction and seek to bring back the spirit of what Bitcoin was supposed to do.

I’ve been able to set up my Decred Wallet, and even attempted to mine decred both solo and in a pool.

During testnet, my humble ~375 MH/s graphics card would find blocks and let me know everything is working.

Now that mainnet is up, I haven’t found any blocks as there is already too much competition with those who have mining rigs with open air GPU card sleds that will put gaming systems to shame.

This did not daunt me however, as I was able to purchase some DCR from the exchanges and set up my system for POS (Proof of Stake) mining.

Hybrid Proof-of-Work Proof-of-Stake

Since my 5 ASIC’s that were used for Bitcoin and other sha256 alt coins are useless for mining Decred, I point them to coins that can be traded for Decred.

Later, I’ll set up the POS wallet somewhere that will not be affected by my home internet connection and power grid. Will give more details about this later.