TextEncrypt v2 Released


Reynold M. de Guzman

ReynoldTech, LLC

TextEncrypt v2 Released

Now you can send encrypted text using unencrypted channels

Pearl City, Hawaii: ReynoldTech, LLC today announced TextEncrypt v2, a new software product. TextEncrypt is an encryption tool and offers an easy way for the general public to send and receive fully encrypted text.

“TextEncrypt will allow you to send encrypted messages while using unencrypted channels,” says Reynold M. de Guzman, President of ReynoldTech. “you don’t have to trust your ISP, VPN, proxy, social media, computer, or phone. Only the person at the other end will be able to decipher it.”

Features and benefits of TextEncrypt include.

  • Simple User Interface
  • No complex setup, just uses the TextEncrypt App and text
  • Sender creates encrypted text with password
  • Receiver decodes with password

TextEncrypt will be available starting 10/22/2020, at $14.95. For more information on TextEncrypt, visit http://app.reynoldtech.com/textencrypt

About ReynoldTech, LLC: We have been developing software for private use for over 35 years and are now releasing various tools to the public.

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