New Windows 10 Mining Rig Checklist

I had this info scattered around in many posts, I thought I would put it all here for a generic checklist when setting up a new mining rig, no matter what you are mining.

Lets start with bios:

Set power to resume at latest state so if your electricity goes out, it will start up again.
Set boot beep on.

Install Windows 10 x64

Install the latest stable AMD Radeon Crimson Drivers:

The latest stable version for me is 16.12.1

Install Awesome Miner, or rather the Remote Agent if this is a mining node:

Setup Virtual Memory to 16 or 32 GB:

16 GB: 16384 MB
32 GB: 32768 MB

Control Panel
System and Security/System
Advanced system settings
Advanced (Tab)/Performance/Settings (Button)
Advanced (Tab)/Virtual Memory/Change (Button)
Uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives"
Click "Custom Size"

If you can do 32, do it, otherweise 16 would be ok:
Min: 32768
Max: 32768

Click "Set" and get out of all the dialogs...

You may have to reboot.

Reboot straight into mining:

Auto login:

Set Awesome Miner to start on reboot.
Set your managed miner to start on reboot.

Lock after login: (Optional if your rigs are secure)

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Other Software you may want to install:




Other Settings you may want to adjust:

Give your computer a name
Allow Remote Access
Power Options
    Turn off display: Never
    Put Computer to sleep: Never
Windows Folder defaults:
    Unhide known extensions
    Unhide system folders
Set your time zone

Never get stuck after a windows crash. Run this as administrator: (This removes the prompt and always reboots normally into windows)

bcdedit /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

Remove the popup after a crash: (Sometimes a mining crash has a modal alert waiting for you to hit “OK”)


Navigate to:
  Computer Configuration
  Administrative Templates
  Windows Components
  Windows Error Reporting

Double click on "Prevent display of the user interface for critical errors"

Set to Enabled

Exclude your Mining Software folders from Windows Defender. Don’t let Defender take down your whole mining operation by quarantining your mining software:

C:\common\apps (or wherever)